Rules & regulation

General Rules and Regulations of School/College

Parents are requested to see that;

  ⦁   Students must prepare the lesson and do their homework regularly.
   ⦁   Students must take adequate interest in the co-curricular activities organized by the institution.
   ⦁   Students suffering from contagions or in effective diseases are not permitted to attend the college.
   ⦁   Students are not allowed to attend visitors in the college.
   ⦁   No student can invite any outsider in the school /college without the prior permission of the principal.
   ⦁   Permission for excursion or educational trip arranged by school/college is taken from the parents in writing.
   ⦁   The school/college takes no responsibility for any trip arranged by the students independently.
The principal has full authority to fine, punish and expel any students stay in the college is not in the interest of other students or the institution. The decisions can be taken by the principal cannot be challenged.

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