AIMs & Objectives

   We are here to enhance the quality of education with best of our efforts to achieve the following objectives:

⦁   To provide quality education to the students to meet the challenges of the 21st centuries.
⦁   To give special emphasis on the ethical values and character building of the students.
⦁   To inculcate a healthy and competitive spirit among the students.
⦁   To prepare a generation of young educated people having caliber to lead an Islamic nation.
⦁   To enable the students to get command over speaking and writing of languages of the modern age.
⦁   To give the correct concept of Islam and its implementation in practical life.
⦁   To broaden the vision and understanding of the students by developing innovative skills to meet the requirements of the modern world.
⦁   To develop an environment in which the education is easily accessible for poor community of the society as well.


Nation and the countries are served in so many ways but we opted to serve our poor people and the backward territory in the field of education. No country on earth can prosper unless its people are well educated in the field of science and technology. Thus we decided to shoulder this most difficult task keeping in view the dire need of these backward areas. Thanks God, we have uptil now succeeded in our aims and objectives to a greater extend. During the past 9 years Millat Public School & Degree Science College Dadyal has produced Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and Army Officers.

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